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UPDATE:  Daylight Solar

​     Seniors abuse 

Adrenaline >>>
Burning  >>>

Food, drink in plastic containers is unhealthy, pollutes. It Ends!
​Polluters are caged!


Cruise shipping is unhealthy polluting Environmental Vandalism! Hold Owners, Operators, ​Crew, Passengers, Accountable! 

​​​​​​​​Outdoor heaters are ​Environmental Vandalism! Hold Environmental Vandals accountable. ​Cage them! 

New Year Message  >>> 
Enjoyed the new year fireworks. You
are an Environmental Vandal. You
do not deserve a good year! 

​​​Save ​Trees
Stop reading print Newspaper, 
Magazine, Book, memo....

​​WAR Criminals: George W. Bush (US) Toni Blair (UK) 
​John Howard (AU) are not caged ?

​​Pray for : Armenia, Azerbaijan, Congo, ​Lebanon, Syria, Gaza, Ukraine, Yemen, ​Venezuela​​

WALL STREET  and City of
​London Finance Criminals
​are FREE ?   

Thou shall not Kill >>>

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