The best method of staying in touch with 1 God
Is  the most used form of worshiping 1 God.
A Daily routine. 
A most beneficial way (safety valve) of express-
ing a persons inner turmoil, emotions.
Try it !
Helps coping with heartache, grief.  1 God does 
listen ! 
With a group gives unity and moral strength.
Prayers unite!


1 God is waiting to hear from YOU! 
When no 1 listens!  When there is no hope! 
Pray! 1 God listens.
When bursting with Happiness share this
moment with 1 God alway's.  
Try it !
Praying for the benefit of less fortunate is
most rewarding.  
Try it !
Praying can be personal between you and  1 God. Personal praying is done anywhere
anytime e.g. indoors, outdoors... 

Universe Custodian Guardians! ​
Voice of enslaved, gullible, homeless, ​
oppressed persecuted, struggling
suffering. The Good people. 
1 God's Favorites!!                  

Universe Custodian Guardians not-for-profit not-
for-violence religious social-justice solutions! 
New-Age time-management administrator!
Free education provider, promoting:
 Law-GiverManifest: Proclaiming 1 God's
latest ​message for everyone and ​making all
​previous messages obsolete. 


Transl​ation: Hawaiian Hawaiʻi

Praying is a vital part of Custodian ​Guardian
worship of 1 God.

Prayers need 1 God's approval to succeed. 
1 God will not always act on Prayer as you
may wish or might not act at all if it interferes
with the Soul's ​life experiences mission. 
Prayers have to address a real or pressing need.
Don't be frivoulous! Prayers also have to be
followed by relevant action. Praying is not
For spiritual insights and inner harmony use

Fun Day  

Custodian Guardian pray anywhere anytime or
on Fun-Day at a Gathering in a school.
1 God does not want purpose build ​places of
Join us in prayers. 
​Praying caters for the human need to stay in
touch with the Creator. 
Praying is food for the 
Soul. Praying pampers a conscience 
(Guardian Angel)Praying is done daily (Daily Prayer)!​
​For socializing and group-praying ​visit a Gath-