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Is the best method of staying in touch with 1GOD.
Is  the most used form of worshiping 1GOD.
  A Daily-                                                                                                Routine. 
Is the most beneficial way (safety-valve) of expressing a persons inner turmoil & emotions.  Try it ! 
Helps coping with heartache & grief.  1GOD does listen ! 
With a group gives unity & moral-strength.  Prayers unite!
Needs to address a real & pressing need. Don't be frivolous! 
Needs to be supported by relevant action.  Praying isn't                                                                                               enough! 
When bursting with Happiness share this moment with 1GOD.  Always !
Praying for the benefit of less fortunate is most rewarding.
                                                                                              Try it ! 
For socializing & group-praying visit a Gathering.  Try it !
Prayers need 1GOD's approval to succeed.  1GOD will not always act on Prayer as you may wish or might not act at all if it interferes with the Soul's Life-Experiences mission. 

For spiritual insights & inner harmony use Meditation.

When no 1 listens!  When there is no hope!  Pray! 1GOD listens.  
When bursting with Happiness share this moment with 1GOD
Praying for the benefit of less fortunate is most rewarding. 

1 GOD is waiting to here from YOU !

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Praying caters for the human-need to stay in touch with the Creator.  Praying is nourishment for the Soul.  Praying pampers the Conscience (Guardian-Angel) Praying should be done daily (Daily-Prayer)!​

Custodian-Guardian pray anywhere, anytime or on Fun-Day at a Gathering in a school.  Join us in prayers. 

P R A Y E R's   

All Solutions are Non-violent & Non-profit 

1 GOD  1 FAITH  1 Church   

Praying is a vital part of Custodian-Guardian worship of 1GOD.

Prayers may be personal between you & 1GOD.   Personal Praying may be done anywhere anytime e.g. indoors, outdoors...  Note!  1GOD does not want purpose build ​places of Worship.

For socializing & group-praying visit a Gathering.