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​making all previous messages obsolete. 

Welcome to the wonderful World of worshiping 1 GOD! ​​

​​SHUN & SHAME: ​Burning of dung, wood, coal, gas, oil,...  
SHUN & SHAME: Cola, Cordial producers, providers, consumers,...  
SHUN & SHAME: ​Diesel engine producers, providers, consumers,...  
SHUN & SHAME: Disposables producers, providers, consumers,...  
SHUN & SHAME:Elitist sport, education, entertainment,...   
SHUN & SHAME: ​Energy drink producers, providers, consumers,...  
SHUN & SHAME: Gambling providers, consumers,... 
SHUN & SHAME: Genetic modified crop producers, providers, consumers,... 
SHUN & SHAME: Invaders & their local supporters,...  
Junk-mail producers, providers, consumers,...​ 
​Lemonade producers, providers, consumers,...  
SHUN & SHAME: Manufac- tured meat producers, providers, consumers,...  

Shunning & shaming is a Custodian-Guardian
activity & duty. ​Immoral &/or criminal
behavior needs accountability. A community
uses neighborhood watch. Lay’s charges,
prosecutes, hands out mandatory sentences. Individuals shun & shame. ​Shunning applies
to individuals, groups & organizations. Shun
-lists contain instructions on what to do when
there is a threat to Humankind &/or
community, environment or morals. 
​Shun-lists contain instructions on what to do
when there is a threat to Humankind &/or community, environment or morals. 
Shunning is not only a moral issue but a
Civil-duty. ​Shunning means avoiding,
ignoring, opposing being non-supportive 
(non-violent). Encourage Family & Friends
to do so.
​Shaming means making evil feel ahamed,  embarrassed humiliated. Shunning groups, individuals & organizations: Entails not
socializing, studying, trading or working
with them. Shaming entails making Evil
​ look bad at every opportunity. 
Shunning Governments: Shunning elected government is not supported by Custodian
Guardian. Shaming & replacing corrupt
​criminal government is supported by
Custodian Guardian.  

Do Your Moral &

SHUN & SHAME: ​Non-biodegradable producers, providers, consumers,...   
SHUN & SHAME: ​Smoking producers, providers, consumers,...  
SHUN & SHAME: ​SUV vehicles, producers, providers, drivers,...  
SHUN & SHAME: Pornogra- phy producers, providers,...
SHUN & SHAME:Private health insurance, hospitals, specialist,... 
SHUN & SHAME: Private retirement home, insurance, super, pension,... 
SHUN & SHAME: Profiteering producers, providers, credit,..
SHUN & SHAME: Violence participants, providers, audience,...​

SHUN & SHAME: Adulterers  
SHUN & SHAME: Alcohol producers,
providers, consumers,... 
SHUN & SHAME: Animal cruelty breeders,
carers, owners,...  
SHUN & SHAME: ​Artificial sweeteners
​producers, providers, consumers,..