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Welcome to the wonderful World of worshiping 1 GOD! ​​

S C H O L A R - Prayer
Dear 1 GOD, Creator of the most beautiful Universe 
​ I shall seek Knowledge, gain Knowledge & apply   Knowledge
 I endeavour to learn from my 1st until my last   breath
 I endeavour to teach & mentor others
 My life-experiences & insights I pass on to the next   generation
 Your most humble faithful custodian-guardian
 For the Glory of 1 GOD and the Good of Humankind 

This prayer should be used before commencing   
 study alone or in a group in anyplace you like. 

1GOD is waiting to here from YOU! 

STUDY Topics :

STUDY Projects :


When  finding a well written piece Plagiarize ​parts you
need & expand on these
​(applies to Scholars & Educators)
Run: spell-check &
Add: color, images &
         audio were needed.  
Proof read, if needed make changes.  Make your work 'Copyright-free', then publish. 

Study from cradle to cremation ! 

When studying or teaching not only ​research ​this site but a variety of others. 

Welcome to the Wonderful World ​of Learn and Teach