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Universe Custodian Guardians! ​
Voice of enslaved, gullible, homeless, ​
oppressed persecuted, struggling
suffering. The Good people. 
1 God's Favorites!!                  


Updates: ​1 Faith 
                  7 Tribes

Universe Custodian Guardians not-for-profit not-
for-violence religious social-justice solutions! 
New-Age time-management administrator!
Free education provider, promoting:
 Law-GiverManifest: Proclaiming 1 God's
latest ​message for everyone and ​making all
​previous messages obsolete. 

Universe Custodian Guardians
Leaders in Non-violence 
Social-justice Solutions
​Environmental Issues

About Us 

1 God  1 Faith  1 Church
Universe Custodian Guardians proclaiming:
​1 God's latest message,​ 'Lawgiver Manifest'  replacing all previous messages. 

1 FAITH, written on 7 Scrolls deals with moral
& spiritual needs. It's philosophy is of 1 GOD
and divine 7. Its emblem is the Heptagon.  
Sup​porters of 1 FAITH meet at a Gathering.  
FAITH needed New-Age time-management. 
C-G : Klock, Kalender, Planner, Curfew, Fun 
Day themes.  

Universe Custodian Guardians the 1 FAITH 
administrators, translate moral & spiritual 
needs into political social reality. 1 GOD 
needs only 1 FAITH with many Gatherings 
​and 1 Church made up of 7 Oratories.​ 

​​​1 GOD 1 FAITH 1 Church  
Universe Custodian Guardians
Voice of enslaved, gullible, homeless,
oppressed, persecuted, struggling and
suffering. The Good People. 
1GOD's Favorites!
​ Custodian-Guardian Proclaimer,  
​Universe Custodian Guardians 

​Welcome to seeking answers to past, present
and estiny of humankind. It is natural to be  inquisitive, wanting to know. A social justice
person may ask: "What can be done to help humankind to live up to its destiny? What is humankind’s destiny?”  ​A religious person
often asks, “Why GOD?” Questions were
​asked questions were answered. ​​1 GOD 
wanted the answers written down.  
The written word is to be known as the 
“Law-Giver Manifest” ​it is to be made
available to all.  
During human history at irregular intervals
1 GOD picks a person to pass on a message
to humankind. 1 GOD is disappointed that
people have not heeded those messages:
Belief in 1 GOD is absolute no exemptions. 
1 GOD made it clear to the humble-scribe
that compromise or deviation is unaccept-
able. It will be ​dealt with on 'Judgment-Day' ​
​The human body is sacred yet many people
sin in this area. 1 GOD wants humankind to
tackle the bad seed & cage it. Humankind’s
destiny, be custodian of their local Habitat. 
​ On a larger scale taking care of Earth, 
​venturing into space. 
1 GOD likes 7 Tribes, not a mixture of global
integration; making Globalization Anti-1
GOD. 1 GOD wanted the answers written
down.  The written word is to be known as
the “Law-Giver Manifest” it is to be made
​available to all.
1 GOD wants us to believe in the Afterlife'. 
The eternal life of our soul. Belief in 1 GOD 
gives you 1 FAITH heeding 1 GOD's Message
​makes ​you a Supporter.​  ​

1 GOD is waiting to hear from You!