Universe Custodian Guardians! ​
Voice of enslaved, gullible, homeless, ​
oppressed persecuted, struggling
suffering. The Good people. 
1 God's Favorites!!                  

Transl​ation: Greek Ελληνικά


Universe Custodian Guardians not-for-profit not-
for-violence religious social-justice solutions! 
New-Age time-management administrator!
Free education provider, promoting:
 Law-GiverManifest: Proclaiming 1 God's
latest ​message for everyone and ​making all
​previous messages obsolete. 

C.G. Seniors see retirement as a time to speak up. 
​To endeavor to fix their generations mistakes. ​ To
be useful get involved, volunteer, pass on life exp-
eriences.  Be an active vocal participating member
of their community.    
C.G. Seniors help reduce garbage and resulting
landfill.  By putting a message ​on their mailbox: 
NO Junk mail please! 
They also do not use disposable’s.  ​C.G. Seniors
Stop deceitful marketing and Sales.  By putting
​a message on their front door: 
NO Hawkers please! 
Retirement means you are free of having to earn a living.  Freedom brings responsibility.  Volunteer-
ing is a good option for seniors. 

Fake Charities 

Report Seniors abuse !!!!

C.G.Seniors Challenges
C.G. view is that single seniors over age 70
should not live alone.  They are to move to
a retirement clus​ter home.  That is located
next to a SmeC  
Shire medical education
.  A Shire provides free medical
from conception to death for everyone
​free education to children and seniors. 

Report Seniors abuse !!!!

C.G. Seniors
Volunteer in

C.G. view is that no person should go without the necessities of life: Enough eatable food to eat,
enough clean water to drink, clean air to breathe,
decent clothing to wear and a comfortable affor-
dable secure shelter.  Get free medical when sick
or disabled.  Make free education available to 
people who genuinely seek it.  Knowledge gained
is applied and passed on, knowledge continuity.
Fairly rewarded work 
(wmw) without exploitat-
ion.  Retirement and end with dignity. 

​​C.G. Seniors activities: 
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