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Proclaiming 1 GOD's latest ​message for everyone &
​making all previous messages obsolete. 

Welcome to the wonderful World of worshiping 1 GOD! ​​

1GOD is waiting to here from YOU !

Dear 1GOD, Creator of the most beautiful Universe
Your most humble faithful custodian-guardian
(1st name)
Thanks You for selecting Humankind to be Custodian of the Physical Universe 
Pledges to be Custodian of Humankind & Planet Earth
Pledges to colonize the Universe & become its Custodian
Asks for help in fulfilling Humankind's Destiny
For the Glory of 1GOD & the Good of Humankind

This prayer is used on Universe Day

U N I V E R S E – Prayer

Participate in Humankind's Destiny, Space Exploration and Colonization !

Before space colonization comes space
 Each Province is to build 
and put into orbit a "Space Exploration 
(S-X p).  All exploration s initiated
from S-X p's.  ​
Space exploration and
colonization need rules
"SpaceExploration Court"
(S-X C).

Humankind's Destiny,
exploration, colonization,
​custodial duties!

1000's of Years of Evil are coming to an End!  BE GOOD  Cage Evil

1 GOD wants humans to
multiply and colonize space.
Become Custodians of
the physical Universe.  
Universe Custodian Guardians ​supply guidance and space law.​