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ASK ? 

?a = ?a

Question asked = Question answer  >>>

 Beliefs:   Evolution   Harmony   Soul       
 Community: CROn   7_7 Rule   Freeway trams    Taxes   
 Health: Dementia   Polio   Strongyloide
 Leisure: Angling
 Wrongs: Abortion   Adultery   Assassination   Death-penalty   Execution  Forgiveness   Infidelity      Nudity    

 Why to question ?  

 A need (curiosity, must know, making
arises to ask questions

 When to question ?  

 Now (intelligent, good social skill)

 What to question ?  
 Everything (intelligent, good social skill)

 How to question ? 
 1st the question is formulated (important
 so  as to receive a useful answer

2nd who to ask 'Seek' someone with the
 right  qualifications 
(there may be a need
  to ask  more than 1 person

 3rd Thank the person who answered 
(good  social skill) 
 4th 'Gain an acceptable answer (some-
 times  there is no acceptable answer) 
5th Write or audio/visual record answer(s
 6th 'Apply' what you 'learn' (answer
 7th Use your new knowledge to 'teach'
(good social skill)

 You question ?   
Law-Giver Manifest