Universe Custodian Guardians! ​Voice
of enslaved, gullible, homeless, ​
oppressed persecuted, struggling
suffering. The Good people. 
​1 God's Favorites!!                  

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violence religious social-justice olutions, New-Age
time-management administrator Free Education 
provider promoting > Law-Giver Manifest:
Proclaiming 1 GOD's latest ​message for everyone
and ​making all previous messages obsolete. 

Welcome to the wonderful World of worshiping 1 GOD! ​​

​1$ support or any small change.
Any support is used to proclaim
1 GOD's latest message.
Whenever you have spare change
do a good deed go to your financial institution, transfer your change to:
Westpac (AU) account:
​Universe Custodian Guardians
​no: 033186 282018 
Or mail donation to:
PO BOX 662
Endeavour Hills Vic. 3802

Caring is a human virtue!  
Sharing is a community virtue!
Donating is a personal choice!  
Custodian-Guardian ask you
​to make this choice.  

Fake Charities 

Share your time with us.  
Become a volunteer.
Help us proclaim
1 GOD's ​latest message,
the 'Law-Giver Manifest'. 

Tax-deductible Donations are Tax-avoidance!
Tax-avoidance is stealing from the ommunity!
Tax-avoidance is a Crime: MS 
Charities that have Tax-deductible donation

status are fake!  They are tax-avoidance 

schemes endorsed by corrupt Government. 
Don't donate to these!  Close down Charity
confiscate assets. Replace, Prosecute  Gov- 
MS R6 

Universe Custodian Guardians
oppose Tax-deductible, creditcard 
donations. T
hey belief you donate
because you care, be supportive.

Not because you are selfish. 

​​​Close these Charities and
don't donate to these!

1000's of Years of Evil are coming to an End!  BE GOOD  Cage Evil

Tell Everyone.  
Whenever you meet them.
We Thank You.  
Your Soul makes you feel
all warm and fuzzy.
1 GOD takes Note !!!


Universe Custodian Guardians do not want
(bingo, lottery...) donations.
Charities that encourage gambling to raise
funds. These Charities are bad. Encouraging
gambling is immoral, evil, unacceptable for

Universe Custodian Guardians do not want
creditcard donations. Charities that encourage
creditcard donations. These Charities are bad.
Putting people into debt is immoral, evil, unacceptable for Charities. 



After donating:
Be pleased with yourself.
​1 GOD is pleased with you.
We Thank You!  
​Have a nice rewarding day.