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Universe Custodian Guardians! ​
Voice of enslaved, gullible, homeless, ​
oppressed persecuted, struggling
suffering. The Good people. 
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Universe Custodian Guardians not-for-profit not-
for-violence religious social-justice solutions! 
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Free education provider, promoting:
 Law-GiverManifest: Proclaiming 1 God's
latest ​message for everyone and ​making all
​previous messages obsolete. 

Cancel Summer

​​​​​​​​​​Outdoor heaters are ​Environmental 
Vandalism! Hold Environmental
​Vandals accountable. ​Cage them! 

 Participate in: N-A t-m 
​  theme days:

People burning things has become the main      threat: Smoking active, passive. Cooking, BBQ
burning > coal, dung, gas, oil & wood.
  Energy  production burning > coal, garbage, gas, oil, uranium.  Transport burning > coal, gas, oil, uranium.  

Gas Kills
Smoking Kills
Coal Chokes

Burning  >>>

Cruise shipping is unhealthy polluting Environmental Vandalism! Hold
​Owners, Operators, ​Crew, Passengers, Accountable! 

Survival,your's, your family,
your Community, the Planet
is everyone's priority.

Food, drink in plastic containers
​is unhealthy, pollutes. It Ends!
​Polluters are caged!

   8.2.7. Holocaust
 11.1.7. Survival                
 12.2.7. Addictions

Daylight Solar

  2.4.7. Victims' of Crime 
  3.4.7. Victims' of War    
  4.2.7. Pollution
  6.2.7. Defoliant         

Replace burning with non-burning methods.  
You, loved one's, community and environ- ment. Survival depend on it!  (see Green Concept)

​Survival: Humankind, Habitat,
Environment, Civilization,
Planet a Custodian Guardian