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oppressed persecuted, struggling
suffering. The Good people. 
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Free education provider, promoting:
 Law-GiverManifest: Proclaiming 1 God's
latest ​message for everyone and ​making all
​previous messages obsolete. 

Welcome to the wonderful World of worshiping 1 GOD! ​​

207 dy - 4 dw

Clock and watch
​use a 3 line display:

The human body was not designed to be
nocturnal. Humans misused their brain
power to ​create a nocturnal lifestyle. This
​lifestyle is not beneficial to good health.
Night-curfew is needed for good health. 
A 7 hour Night-curfew from 14-21 hours
is mandatory.
Nobody works (everything
is closed) except minimum emergency
personal. No energy is used except for
emergency or heating! 1 public news radio
station is allowed all other entertainment
is switched off! No manufacturing, office,
or retailer is to operate or use energy!
Homes can use heating in extreme ​cold
​(dress warm) . 
Night-curfew is mandatory
For the well being of our body and local
Habitat. A Shire enforces Night Curfew
​via Shire Rehabilitation: MS R1! 
Repeat offenders are passed on to
​Provincial Rehabilitation: MS R3! 
Night-curfew to: Save Planet Earth 

1/3 of everyday is spent lying down, part of this
entails sleeping. Sleep is needed for survival of
your body.  7 hours should do. Lack of sleep
leads to death but only after a very painful
transit through depression and ​outbursts of
There are prerequisites before lying
down to sleep. ​1 hour has passed since last
feed. Brush teeth, wash whole body before 
going to bed. Worship 'Sleep-Prayer'. To get 
restful revitalizing ​sleep a bedroom is as dark
as possible. An absence of iternal, external
​noise is a must. Shire enforce Night-curfew! 
Note! It is normal to have 2 sleeps with a
break inbetween. 1st sleep is about 3.5 hours
with up to 1.5 hour break followed by a ​3.5 
hour sleep. 
During the 1.5 hour sleep break. 
People get up, go toilet,... Before lying back
down do the night-time exercises and have a
glass of water. 
Those that do not get up, pray,
read, write, couples chat, mate (during a sleep
break they are relaxed better at conceiving), ... 

A 7 hour Night-curfew from 14-21
hours is mandatory. For good
health, reduction in energy con-
sumption, reduction in pollution, 
protection of wildlife. Crime dec-
rease, reducing cost to govern-
​ment, ​encouraging multiplication.


Custodian Guardian Klock 

C.G. Klock  
for short term time-management,
replaces all other clocks : 
a day has 21 hours >
1 hour has 21 minutes >
1 minute has 21 seconds >
1 second has 21 blinks >
1 blink has 21 flashes >
​1 flash has 21 clicks

A N-A t-m C. G. Planner is used every morn-
ing part of a daily routine. Use Planner as
guide do not let time control You! Time is 
not used to hurry people. A humanbody is
not designed for hurrying.
Planner Specifications. Order of Pages, 
instructions! Daily: Routine, Prayer, Fit.
Contacts: Emergency, Addresses.
Prayers: Plan, Planner, Time 
Planner* page is split into  'Plan' / 'Analyze'
*Note! Weekly-Planner: 52 pages only.
Daily-Planner: 365 pages only. 
Passover-Planner: 1 page only.
Quattro-Planner: 1 page only
Appendix of Pages, instructions. 
Time: C. G. Klock, Night-Curfew,
​             C. G. Kalender, Fun-Day themes
7 Scrolls (Overview), Map, Measures
Plus! Empty pages to write down 'Ideas'.
Fun-Day analyze actions against current
plan. Enter plans for the coming 7 days!

​​​​1 GOD created the cycle of
beginning and end (time-
 ​for everything 
in the Physical Universe.

C.G. short term New-Age time-management 
Universe Custodian Guardians community service.

Day start: O hours  Sunrise
Early Day
is from 0 - 7 hours
7 hours is Mid-Day
Late Day
is from 7 - 14 hours
14 hours is  Sunset
is from 14 - 21 hours

Line 1: ​the 14th hour,
               12 minutes, 16 seconds 
Line 2: 207th day of year, 4th day of week
Line 3: Year 1 - Month 8 -Week 2 - Day 4
or: Mid-week of Week 2 in Jupiter-month
​of Year 1 

O hours is set every year after the shortest
night at Sunrise.
Every 73 days (5x a year)
0 hour is reset (daylight-saving).
saving is needed to get up as close to sun-
rise as possible. ​Getting up at sunrise ​is
natural and healthy.