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Plagiarize to build on & advance new ideas.  Why rewrite something that is well written.  A good piece of writing should be cherished not be mutilated by rewriting. Plagiarize a good piece of writing & then expand on it.  Evolution progresses by building on existing & then creating new. Reading a good piece of writing encourages the mind to lift one's intellect to the high standard of the original.  Stopping this thinking to concentrate on rewriting is mediocre time-wasting education.  Be smart, 'Plagiarize'.  Plagiarism does not only apply to writing.  Plagiarism applies to all 'IP'(Intellectual Property).  All 'Intellectual Property' belongs to the community for the benefit of all.

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Copyright is the greedy application of intellectual property.  Copyright Law is immoral therefore it is unjust Bad-Law.  Unjust Bad-Law must be scrapped & not enforced.  Make your work 'copyright-free' & then publish.

Remember Solutions are to be non-violent !

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Study Aids :

1st Learn, when comprehending, start teaching.  In education fast learners teach slow learners.  At work the experienced worker trains new-comers.

Custodian Guardian support seeking, gaining & applying knowledge all life.  
They support free education using learn
& teach.
 Knowledge & life experiences
are passed on via knowledge continuity.