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Failings Prayer
Dear 1 GOD, Creator of the most beautiful Universe
Your most humble faithful custodian guardian (1st name)
Requests help with resisting Failings
Requests help with punishing Evils
Requests punishing of Evils now and in the Afterlife
Let the Good thrive and Evil shrivel
For the Glory of 1 GOD and the Good of Humankind
This prayer is recited at home or at a Gathering !

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Their is accountability for 'Failings'!

Don’t fail 1 GOD, community, family, yourself!

Failings are personal weaknesses and
wrongs that need eradicating!

Failing is committing a moral wrong,
Evil is insulting 1 GOD.

Moral wrongs are converted to Crime. This allows lawmakers to establish relevant laws. Moral wrongs now crimes are to be rehabilitated for society to function.
Failing is letting down the community, family, friends and yourself. Failings are accountable in Life and Afterlife.
Failings insult 1 GOD