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​Custodian-Guardian medium-term
New-Age time-management:

Mayan Calendar ended it is replaced by the Custodian-Guardian Kalender   >>> 
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C-G Kalender notes  >>> 
Outdated Pagan European Calendar conversion to Custodian-Guardian Kalender  >>>

C > Celebration-day,F > Fun-day, M > Memorial-day, S > Shame-day.

​​Their is a beginning & end:
Time-management !   

Complete Custodian-Guardian New-Age time-management  >>>

​Custodian-Guardian long-term
New-Age time-management:

C-G Khronicle  >>> 
C-G Knowlege continuity  >>>

Star-month           New-Year Day 1.1.1           Shire Day 1.3.7                     
Sun-month           Blossom Day 2.1.7             Victims' of Crime Day 2.4.7  
Mercury-month   Multiplication Day 3.1.7    Victims' of War Day 3.4.7       
Venus-month       Children Day 4.1.7             Pollution Day 4.2.7                   
Earth-month        Workers Day 5.1.7              Mothers Day 5.3.7                    
Moon-month       Education Day 6.1.7            Defoliant Day 6.2.7                   
Mars-month         Grandparents Day 7.1.7    Nourishment Day 7.3.7           
Jupiter-month      Universe Day 8.1.7              Holocaust Day 8.2.7               
Saturn-month      Habitat Day 9.1.7                CROn Day 9.3.7                         
Uranus-month     Fathers Day 10.1.7              Blubber Day 10.2.7                  
Neptune-month  Survival Day 11.1.7              Pet Day 11.3.7                          
Pluto-month        Good-health Day 12.1.7      Addictions Day 12.2.7             
Solar-month         Shrub Day 13.1.7                 Tree Day 13.3.7                       
Passover-month  Passover Day 14.1.7           Quattro Day 14.0.2   


​​Custodian-Guardian short-term
New-Age time-management:
Custodian-Guardian Klock / Time Triangle / Night Curfew  >>>​ 
Daily routine  >>>

​​1 GOD created the cycle of beginning & end (time-management) ​for everything in the Physical Universe.

A good day starts with a Daily-Routine    >>>

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