PREVENTION!  Stop:GM-Research, GM Seed-manufacture & GM-Crop growing.

TREATMENT!Government prosecutes: GM-Scientist, manufacturing Executives, Directors, Owners & Crop-Growers for "Crime against Humankind & against the Ecosystem". MS/R7.

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GM-Food:  Alfalfa, Baby-food, Bacon, Bread, Breakfast-Cereal, Canola, Chicory, Corn, Cotton-seed oil, Eggs, Ham,  

Government eliminates Threat by scorching GM-Research & Seed manufacturing facilities.  GM Crops are burned.  Contaminated Soil were GM-Crops were grown is scorched 3 years running.  Government that doesn't implement this 'Treatment' is replaced.

Background: During the US invasion of South-East Asia. The US Military ordered the develop & usage of Herbicides, a weapon of 'Mass-Destruction (Agent-Orange)' of Vegetation & Eco-system.  Removing the foliage made it easier from the air to gun down fleeing children, women & livestock.  The poisoned eco-system led to mutations. Result sick people & animals, birth-defects...

Bees stay clear of GM-Crop knowing it is not good for them. More GM-Crop =less food for bees.  Less food for Bees less bees,less honey...  Less bees lower pollination of non-poisoned plants.

1000's of Years of Evil are coming to an End!  BE GOOD  Cage Evil

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Genetic modified (engineered) Crops are based on Seeds(Evil) altered by humans of 1GOD's original design for the purpose of Greed, Profiteering & insulting 1GOD.

GM-Crop is grown for feed of Farm-Animals & GM-Food manufacture.  The food creatures eat influences their digestion.  To digest Modified plants a creatures digestive system must modify (genetic re-engineer) itself via Evolution.  This unnatural (Anti-1GOD) type Evolution creates unnatural new types of Mutations.

All production of Herbicides is stopped all production facilities are closed down.  Production owners & senior staff are prosecuted MS/R7.  Government that doesn't end the production of Herbicides is replaced.

GM-Cropvia processing & stock-feed create GM-Food a threat to Human & Animal health.  All production of GM-Food is stopped all production facilities are incinerated by the Shire.  Production owners & senior staff are prosecuted MS/R7.Government that doesn't end the production of GM-Food is replaced.

Genetic Modification (GM) is Anti-GOD, a threat to humankind, all other creatures & the environment.  GM-Crop because of the flow-on effect alters the whole Food-chain.  Creating mutations which create new Diseases & Life-threatening Global-Plagues in all members of the Food-chain!  People will become more sick, Die younger, more sick babies, more miscarriages...

Margarine, Meat, Papaya, Peas, Potato, Poultry, Sausages, Soybean, Sugar-beet, Sugarcane, Sweet-Peppers, Tomatoes, Wheat, Zucchini,...

Cure to this threat to Humankind & the Ecosystem is Prevention & Treatment.

Welcome to the wonderful World of worshiping 1 GOD! ​​

Herbicide-manufacturers (Greedy-profiteers) expanded from Plant-killers into Seed-poisoners.  A normal seed is modified using techniques learned creating 'Herbicides'. These modifications create unnatural mutations 'Monster-Seeds'.  Also modifications make seeds impotent to
re-sowing from crop, forcing to always buy seeds each season (Greed).

The providers of Genetic modified (engineered) Seeds provide herbicides (poison) to kill vegetation.  The poison flows through to the roots of a plant into the soil poisoning it.  Seeping into waterways & reservoirs poisoning them ending up in the Ocean poisoning it.

GM Crop 

Genetic Modification is unnatural Anti-GOD. Don't Insult 1GOD!

Protecting Humankind, Animals & Environment is everyone's civil & moral duty.  Don't shun your responsibility.  Grand children will, Thank You!

GM-Crop  Threat