The providers of Genetic modified (engineered) Seeds provide herbicides (poison) to kill vegetation.  The poison flows through to the roots of a plant into the soil poisoning it.  Seeping into waterways & reservoirs poisoning them ending up in the Ocean poisoning it.

PREVENTION!  Stop:GM-Research, GM Seed-manufacture & GM-Crop growing.

TREATMENT!Government prosecutes: GM-Scientist, manufacturing Executives, Directors, Owners & Crop-Growers for "Crime against Humankind & against the Ecosystem". MS/R7.

All production of Herbicides is stopped all production facilities are closed down.  Production owners & senior staff are prosecuted MS/R7.  Government that doesn't end the production of Herbicides is replaced.

GM Crop 

Genetic Modification is unnatural Anti-GOD. Don't Insult 1GOD!

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GM-Food:  Alfalfa, Baby-food, Bacon, Bread, Breakfast-Cereal, Canola, Chicory, Corn, Cotton-seed oil, Eggs, Ham,  

Genetic Modification (GM) is Anti-GOD, a threat to humankind, all other creatures & the environment.  GM-Crop because of the flow-on effect alters the whole Food-chain.  Creating mutations which create new Diseases & Life-threatening Global-Plagues in all members of the Food-chain!  People will become more sick, Die younger, more sick babies, more miscarriages...

Government eliminates Threat by scorching GM-Research & Seed manufacturing facilities.  GM Crops are burned.  Contaminated Soil were GM-Crops were grown is scorched 3 years running.  Government that doesn't implement this 'Treatment' is replaced.

Protecting Humankind, Animals & Environment is everyone's civil & moral duty.  Don't shun your responsibility.  Grand children will, Thank You!

Margarine, Meat, Papaya, Peas, Potato, Poultry, Sausages, Soybean, Sugar-beet, Sugarcane, Sweet-Peppers, Tomatoes, Wheat, Zucchini,...

Background: During the US invasion of South-East Asia. The US Military ordered the develop & usage of Herbicides, a weapon of 'Mass-Destruction (Agent-Orange)' of Vegetation & Eco-system.  Removing the foliage made it easier from the air to gun down fleeing children, women & livestock.  The poisoned eco-system led to mutations. Result sick people & animals, birth-defects...

Cure to this threat to Humankind & the Ecosystem is Prevention & Treatment.

GM-Crop  Threat 

Bees stay clear of GM-Crop knowing it is not good for them. More GM-Crop =less food for bees.  Less food for Bees less bees,less honey...  Less bees lower pollination of non-poisoned plants.

 1000's of Years of Evil are coming to an End!  BE GOOD  Cage Evil

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Genetic modified (engineered) Crops are based on Seeds(Evil) altered by humans of 1GOD's original design for the purpose of Greed, Profiteering & insulting 1GOD.

GM-Crop is grown for feed of Farm-Animals & GM-Food manufacture.  The food creatures eat influences their digestion.  To digest Modified plants a creatures digestive system must modify (genetic re-engineer) itself via Evolution.  This unnatural (Anti-1GOD) type Evolution creates unnatural new types of Mutations.

Herbicide-manufacturers (Greedy-profiteers) expanded from Plant-killers into Seed-poisoners.  A normal seed is modified using techniques learned creating 'Herbicides'. These modifications create unnatural mutations 'Monster-Seeds'.  Also modifications make seeds impotent to
re-sowing from crop, forcing to always buy seeds each season (Greed).

GM-Cropvia processing & stock-feed create GM-Food a threat to Human & Animal health.  All production of GM-Food is stopped all production facilities are incinerated by the Shire.  Production owners & senior staff are prosecuted MS/R7.Government that doesn't end the production of GM-Food is replaced.