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Law-Giver Manifest: Proclaiming 1 GOD's latest ​message
for everyone & making all previous messages obsolete. 

Supporters meet at a Gathering every 7th Day (Fun-
Day) of the week.
  The sound of bell(s) optional
outside & Glockenspiel or Organ inside start & end
​a Gathering.

The most senior Elder attending welcomes Supp-
orters, guests, newcomers. Then outlines meeting program.

Supporters visit a Gathering & encourage others to
visit a Gathering.
 They pray & worship, socialize,
discuss, chat, eat(no junk food) & drink(non-
alcoholic), sing & dance, laugh, play & harmonize...

 It is your Gathering enjoy & make it work!​

The 1st Gathering of a month welcomes couples who signed a 'Holy-Matrimony Contract' the previous
The 2nd Gathering of a month welcomes the
new-born of the previous month.  The 3rd Gathering
​of a month welcomes the visitors who pledge to be a Supporter.
The 4th Gathering of a month reflects on Supporters & members that died a previous month.

Discussion-Etiquette: Listen closely without
interrupting a speaker.
Reply passionately with-
out being obnoxious, rude or aggressive.  Human relationships rely on passion, compromise &
To diffuse ​a situation; agree to disagree.


1GOD Loves  a  Gathering

Musical sound is used for opening & closing(Glock-
enspiel or Organ), praying & other parts of the pro-
gram (Gong or Bongo).  
On a Fun-day with a theme
a Gathering uses this theme in activities, decor, dis-
play & worship.
 The program keeps local traditions
alive: dialect, dress, drinks (non alcoholic), food,
music, ​dance & customs.


Supporters meet at a Gathering 
​every Fun-Day.

Active participation leads to experiences.  
Experiences are important; we like to share these
with others. We like to discuss our experiences
with others.
This increases our relationship with
​others. Increased ​good relationships translate into happiness. 

To make the experience work there needs to be
Subjects covered may cover Gathering
activities, the ​Law-Giver Manifest, Shun-lists,
knowledge, current-news, hobbies, interests,
ocal & provincial government.
 Don't be shy !

At all Gatherings, Supporters, visitors, Elders &
Members are addressed as custodian-guardian
(1st name) everyone is equal.  
Elders & Members
are leaders with honorary titles.
These titles are
used only outside a Gathering in public or on

Meeting Etiquette

They pray & worship, socialize, discuss, chat, eat(no junk food) & drink(non-alcoholic), sing & dance, laugh, play & harmonize... 

A Gong or Bongo calls to prayer.  Attendees stand
(sick or handicap sit) put their hands together face towards the rising sun(inside, outside never look
directly into ​the Sun) & pray: Daily & Theme
 The meeting program is now in progress.