Before a Gathering can be held Elders prepare a program & organize a venue. 
Program:Welcome, outline, itemize, Prayers, readings, discussion & fundraising, ensure main language, local Dialect & Traditions are upheld...
Organize:Gathering venue(hall, security), transport for sick, handicapped, elderly...
Publicize:Gathering(when, where & directions), media-releases
Catering:seating, drinks(non-alcoholic), food(no junk food), music, dancing, & clean up...
Hold:Mess, elections, induction of newly-wed, new-born & memorial for deceased(as per relevant week).

Active participation leads to experiences.  Experiences are important; we like to share these with others.  We like to discuss our experiences with others.  This increases our relationship with others.  Increased good relationships translate into happiness. 

At all Gatherings, Supporters, visitors, Elders & Members are addressed as custodian-guardian(1st name) everyone is equal.  Elders & Members are leaders with honorary titles.  These titles are used only outside the Gathering in public or on committees.

Meeting Etiquette

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A Gong or Bongo calls to prayer.  Attendees stand(sick
or handicap sit) put their hands together face towards
the rising sun(inside, outside never look directly into
​the Sun) & pray: Daily & Theme prayers.
 The meeting program is now in progress.

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Supporters meet at a Gathering every 7th Day(Fun-Day) of the week.  The sound of bell(s) optional outside & Glockenspiel or Organ inside start & end a Gathering.
The most senior Elder attending welcomes Supporters, guests, newcomers. Outlines meeting program.

Discussion-Etiquette: Listen closely without interrupting a speaker.  Reply passionately without being obnoxious, rude or aggressive.  Human relationships rely on passion, compromise & tolerance.  To diffuse a situation; agree to disagree.

Before Meeting

1GOD Loves  a  Gathering

Musical sound is used for opening & closing(Glockenspiel or Organ), praying & other parts of the program(Gong or Bongo).  On a Fun-day with a theme , a Gathering uses this theme in activities, decor, display & worship,.  The program keeps local traditions alive: dialect, dress, drinks (non alcoholic), food, music, dance & customs.


To make the experience work there needs to be variety. Subjects covered may cover Gathering activities, the Law-Giver Manifest, Shun-lists, knowledge, current-news, hobbies, interests, local & provincial government.  Don't be shy !

 1000's of Years of Evil are coming to an End!  BE GOOD  Cage Evil

Supporters visit a Gathering & encourage others to visit a Gathering.  They pray & worship, socialize, discuss, chat, eat(no junk food) & drink(non-alcoholic), sing & dance, laugh, play & harmonize... It is your Gathering enjoy & make it work!​

The 1st Gathering of a month welcomes couples who signed a 'Holy-Matrimony Contract' the previous month. The 2nd Gathering of a month welcomes the new-born of the previous month.  The 3rd Gathering of a month welcomes the visitors who pledge to be a Supporter.
The 4th Gathering of a month reflects on Supporters & members that died a previous month.

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