Coca is a plant with a complex array of mineral nutrients, essential oils, & varied compounds. Chewed, coca acts as a stimulant, suppresses fatigue, hunger, pain, thirst & it 

Unhealthy Ingrediens : Coca, Kola, sweeteners, herbs & spices, brominated vegetable oil & carbonated water. Combining these makes them a health threat.  The food & drink industry is behaving like the tobacco industry.  They pay corrupt deceitful, lying, calling themselves expert's to produce manipulated scientific evidence.  This evidence claims:  'Unhealthy is healthy & good for You'.  Ban these expert's from doing scientific research & give evidence. Shun 'MEDIA' that publishes this rubbish! 

We pray that the chemist who gave us CC (Cola Curse) relives the misery he caused for all time.  You are a Cola drinker & got Diabetes.  Hold  the people accountable (non-violent) who sold, who manufactured these drinks
​& Government that allowed is allowing this health threat.

Sweeteners natural (fructose) & artificial.  Overuse of natural sweeteners is a main cause of diabetes.  Artificial sweeteners have numerous side-effects.  Making artificial sweeteners an unhealthy choice.  All drinks with any added sweeteners are to be avoided.  Avoid products that have added sweeteners.  Don't become addicted to have everything you eat & drink taste sweet.

Kola nut contains 3 stimulants, 1 being caffeine.

Stop !!  Drinking Cola !!
Help !!  Others kick the habit.
Free Humankind from the Cola Threat!

1000's of Years of Evil are coming to an End!  BE GOOD  Cage Evil

Welcome to the wonderful World of worshiping 1 GOD! ​​

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After having hooked the people on Cola.  The greedy profiteers expanded into 'Energy' drinks.  To cater for the emerging 'Adrenaline-Junky' craze.

Herbs & Spices: are used to stimulate, to create cravings, dependency.

Energy drinks increased caffeine & sodium.  Regular consumption of these drinks has led to headaches, insomnia, nausea, nervousness, vomiting, rapid heart rate, heart-palpitations & death.  To increase sales they market these drinks with alcoholic. 

Cola an unhealthy drink, a main cause of Diabetes, originated in the US.

Brominated vegetable oil: Consuming regularly this supplement can result in memory-loss, tremors, loss of muscle-coordination, headaches, fatigue, ...  Avoid food & drinks that contain brominated vegetable oil.

helps overcome altitude sickness.  From the coca leaf cocaine can be extrac -ted.  This makes it addictive.  Using this compound makes you a 'Junkie'!

Greedy US Profiteers marketed Cola all over the world spreading unhealthy drinking habits & Diabetes.  Cola
is a threat to the Health of Human- kind.  Government
& government agencies failed & fail to protect the communities from this threat.
 These profiteers & government agencies are held accountable. 

Carbonated water: Is water with carbon dioxide gas added. Increased levels
​of Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is creating climate change.  
Ingesting Carbon dioxide is a common form of suicide.  Drinking water poisoned with Carbon dioxide is plain dumb & unhealthy.  Any sparkling drink is a health risk.  A sparkling drink mixed with Alcohol gets you drunk faster.  A sparkling drink with sweeteners mixed with Alcohol gives you a painful 'Hangover'.  Makes you blubbery, fat, overweight, an unhealthy person.

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US profiteers created a drink for the masses that is addictive creating repeat business.  It started with the African Coca leaf extract, Peruvian Cola (Kola) extract, sweeteners, caramel color, citrus oils, spices, brominated vegetable oil, other ingrediens & carbonated water where added.  Combination of above ingredients vary between products.

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Cola & Energy drinks stimulate, create cravings, resulting in a high.  Followed by a low.  Encouraging to have another drink to get another high.  The low's are especially dangerous to people with depression who may then harm them- selves.                                        >>> continued