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C-G Seniors Challenges

C-G Thank You-Prayer >>> 

C-G Daily Fit  >>> 

C-G Seniors see retire-ment as a time to speak
up. To endeavor to fix
their generations mis-
takes. ​To be useful get involved, volunteer,
pass on life experiences
 Be an active vocal parti
-cipating member of their community.    

​​​​C-G Gathering  >>> 

C-G view is that single seniors over age 70 should not live alone. They are to move to a retirement clus-
​ter home. That is located next to a SmeC
(Shire medical & education Com- plex). A Shire provides free medical from conception to death for everyone & free education to children & seniors.

C-G Seniors help reduce garbage & resulting land
-fill. By putting a message
​on their mailbox:
NO Junk mail please!
They also do not use disposable’s.

C-G Seniors Stop deceitful marketing & Sales. By putting a message on their front door:
NO Hawkers please! 

C-G view is that no person should go without the necessities of life: Enough eatable food to eat, enough clean water to drink, clean air to breathe, decent clothing to wear & a comfortable affordable secure shelter. Get free medical when sick or disabled. Make free education available to
people who genuinely
seek it. Knowledge
gained is applied & passed on, Knowledge continuity. Fairly rewarded work
(wmw) without exploita-
tion. Retirement & end
with dignity. 

C-G Daily Routine  >>> 

​C-G  S E N I O R S
Volunteer in

C-G Sleep  >>> 

C-G Nite Fit  >>> 

Retirement means you are free of having to earn a living. Freedom brings responsibility. Volunteering is an option for seniors.

C-G Daily-Prayer >>> 

C-G Planner-Prayer >>> 

Sart Gathering  >>> 

C-G Seniors activities: