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Deny Christian Churches Charity status & tax exemption.

Christianity is the main cause of spreading Alcoholism.

Christianity because it encourages the consumption of Alcohol is not acceptable as a religion or cult. 1GOD does not want Humankind to destroy its health by con -suming Alcohol.1GOD is disappointed with Christian addiction to Alcohol. Say NO to Christianity !!!

Christian-monks could not find spiritual inspiration through praying & reading the scriptures turned to Alcohol for spiritual inspiration. Not happy, monks 
produced their own Alcohol. Producing & drinking 

Alcohol kept monks in a constant state of drunken stupor.Now they had insights (la la land).

A young Christian having been weaned on Alcohol sees at mess in church, Priest, Parents, friends & neighbors drink Alcohol. A young Christian sees parents drink Alcohol at home, functions & leisure-time.A young Christian (HE & SHE) when socializing within their age-group faces peer-pressure to binge-drink to be acceptable.

Christian Idol (false idol) Jesus (false messiah) wanted Christians to drink Alcohol (red wine). Christians drink Alcohol at religious gatherings & non-religious gatherings. Christian HE & SHE drink Alcohol before mating. Christian SHE continuous drinking Alcohol during pregnancy & breast-feeding. Christian parents encourage their children to drink Alcohol.


Alcohol is a threat to the community...

SHE must not mate with drunk HE. HE must not mate with drunk SHE. SHE is not to drink during pregnancy or when breast-feeding. Alcoholic SHE are not suitable to be a parent. Foster-parents raise Alcoholic SHE's baby.

Every Friday & Saturday drunken Christians Bash, Rape & Kill. On Sunday they Confess get Forgiven. After they go to mess for a drink (alcoholic). 1GOD is dismayed, will not forgive & hold accountable.

Every Shire is to ban Alcohol & enforce the ban. Provincial Government is to ban the production & distribution of Alcohol. Illegal production,distribution of Alcohol is prosecuted: MS/R6  Existing production / distribution of Alcohol is stopped & closed down. No compensation is given.

Alcoholics like other addicts get self-inflicted illnesses. Like cancer: breast, colon, larynx, liver...Self-inflicted illnesses cancel, Free healthcare.

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Catholic Schools are like Taverns. Principals have a bar(expensive alcohol), teachers social club has a bar.Administration has wine for mess & fund-raising.

Alcohol is consumed through drink & food.Consuming Alcohol leads to behavioral changes (drunkenness'). Drunkenness (alcoholism) is the main cause of Accidents, Assaults, Rape, Vandalism.Drunks are a burden, a nuisance & threat to the community. Drunkenness is a crime, MS/R1.​

Make being drunk a Crime. Any Crime committed while being drunk doubles Rehabilitation.

Education-facilities are Alcohol free. Christian Education -facilities are transferred (without compensation) to public education.Christian Educators (Principals, Administrators, Teachers) are removed & banned from Education. Their Alcohol is destroyed!

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The best help for Alcoholics is to stop the availability of Alcohol. Production, marketing & distribution of Alcohol end's.Zero Tolerance to Alcohol !!!

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Alcoholism is the overpowering need to consume alcohol. Like all addicts, Alcoholics put their own selfish needs above that of others & the community. Alcoholics will beg, borrow & steal to get a drink! Alcoholics need treatment. Treatment consists of drying out!Treatment is not a cure. Alcoholics soon are back being Drunks!