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Alcoholism is the overpowering need to consume alcohol. Like all addicts, Alcoholics put their own selfish needs above that of others & the community. Alcoholics will beg, borrow & steal to get a drink! Alcoholics need treatment. Treatment consists of drying out!Treatment is not a cure. Alcoholics soon are back being Drunks!

Welcome to the wonderful World of worshiping 1 GOD! ​​

Christianity is the main cause of spreading Alcoholism.

Christianity because it encourages the consumption of Alcohol is not acceptable as a religion or cult. 1GOD does not want Humankind to destroy its health by con -suming Alcohol.1GOD is disappointed with Christian addiction to Alcohol. Say NO to Christianity !!!


Alcohol is a threat to the community...

Every Friday & Saturday drunken Christians Bash, Rape & Kill. On Sunday they Confess get Forgiven. After they go to mess for a drink (alcoholic). 1GOD is dismayed, will not forgive & hold accountable.

Alcohol is consumed through drink & food.Consuming Alcohol leads to behavioral changes (drunkenness'). Drunkenness (alcoholism) is the main cause of Accidents, Assaults, Rape, Vandalism.Drunks are a burden, a nuisance & threat to the community. Drunkenness is a crime, MS/R1.​

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A young Christian having been weaned on Alcohol sees at mess in church, Priest, Parents, friends & neighbors drink Alcohol. A young Christian sees parents drink Alcohol at home, functions & leisure-time.A young Christian (HE & SHE) when socializing within their age-group faces peer-pressure to binge-drink to be acceptable.

Christian Idol (false idol) Jesus (false messiah) wanted Christians to drink Alcohol (red wine). Christians drink Alcohol at religious gatherings & non-religious gatherings. Christian HE & SHE drink Alcohol before mating. Christian SHE continuous drinking Alcohol during pregnancy & breast-feeding. Christian parents encourage their children to drink Alcohol.

Every Shire is to ban Alcohol & enforce the ban. Provincial Government is to ban the production & distribution of Alcohol. Illegal production,distribution of Alcohol is prosecuted: MS/R6  Existing production / distribution of Alcohol is stopped & closed down. No compensation is given.

Catholic Schools are like Taverns. Principals have a bar(expensive alcohol), teachers social club has a bar.Administration has wine for mess & fund-raising.

Education-facilities are Alcohol free. Christian Education -facilities are transferred (without compensation) to public education.Christian Educators (Principals, Administrators, Teachers) are removed & banned from Education. Their Alcohol is destroyed!

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The best help for Alcoholics is to stop the availability of Alcohol. Production, marketing & distribution of Alcohol end's.Zero Tolerance to Alcohol !!!

Deny Christian Churches Charity status & tax exemption.

Christian-monks could not find spiritual inspiration through praying & reading the scriptures turned to Alcohol for spiritual inspiration. Not happy, monks 
produced their own Alcohol. Producing & drinking 

Alcohol kept monks in a constant state of drunken stupor.Now they had insights (la la land).

SHE must not mate with drunk HE. HE must not mate with drunk SHE. SHE is not to drink during pregnancy or when breast-feeding. Alcoholic SHE are not suitable to be a parent. Foster-parents raise Alcoholic SHE's baby.

Alcoholics like other addicts get self-inflicted illnesses. Like cancer: breast, colon, larynx, liver...Self-inflicted illnesses cancel, Free healthcare.

Make being drunk a Crime. Any Crime committed while being drunk doubles Rehabilitation.