1000's of Years of Evil are coming to an End!  BE GOOD  Cage Evil

Universe Custodian Guardians not-for-profit not-for-violence
religious social-justice solutions, New-Age time-management
administrator Free Education provider promoting > 
Law-Giver Manifest: Proclaiming 1 GOD's latest ​message
for everyone & making all previous messages obsolete. 

HE & SHE do Communal-Duties &
receive in return Human-Rights. They vote for committees with equal repre- sentation. They volunteer.​ They
believe in cremation to set the Soul
Free & for community-health. 

Tribal-living is the Custodian-
Guardian way. Tribal-living starts
with the family-unit. Family-units
group together estab
lishing a
​ community
(Shire). A group of communities become a Tribe.

Tribes need Governance! Governance comes through elected equal (HE/
representation. Elected equal representatives form a committee
​dividing responsibilities. Leadership
by 1 is Tyranny! Governance by
​elected committee is fair

Custodian-Guardians support 2 tier Governance, spiritual & political.
Spiritual is 2 tier, local: 'Gathering', provincial: 'Oratorium'. Political is 2
​tier, local 'Shire', provincial:


1GOD's people living in 7 Tribes :

HE & SHE on Fun-day attend Gathe-

ring & adhere to Fun-Day themes. HE
& ​SHE use New-Age time. They use a
Law-Giver Manifest as guide. 

1GOD believes in Tribes. 1GOD's long-term vision for humankind always was that of 7 Tribes with 7 main languages
& many dialects. Globalization is
destroying this vision making Globalization ​Anti-1GOD.

​​Becoming & raising a family is a combi- ned effort of parents & Community.
HE, SHE & their family live in Commu- nity Cluster-Housing rentals provided
by a Shire! HE & SHE are employed on multiples of weekly-minimum wage
(wmw). The family attend Community-Education & use Community-Health. They respect dialects, elderly, heritage, traditions & practice knowledge contin- uity. 

1GOD created humans to be social, seeking the company of others. HE &

SHE seek each other to mate & mul-
iply, companionship, to share, start
a family. The new family socializes
with their own extended ​family &
with other families community-
living. Neighboring communities
​join becoming a Tribe!

To apply Governance the 7Tribes establish 7Provinces

Governance needs Accountability. Governance makes Rules & enforces
these rules. Rules are based on Social-Justice & Moral-strength. Rules enfor-cement 
establishes Truth hands out
mandatory Sentences uses Rehabilita- tion & fair compensation to give Justice

1GOD believes in '7Tribes'.